Consider the following points so that your shipment arrives correctly to its destination:

1 Before going to a Estafeta location check this:

  • Have a correct packaging
  • Have complete sender and destination information
  • Validate that you don’t send a prohibited item
  • It is important not to exceed 70 kg or 2.70 in length and 5 m in circumference
  • If the content of the shipment is of high value, we suggest you to take out insurance

2 Provide complete information of who sends and who will receive the shipment:

  • Full name
  • Name of the company, if necessary
  • Street, exterior number, interior, floor, etc ...
  • Neighborhood
  • Postal Code
  • City
  • State
  • References for destination (between streets, frontage description, nearby shops)
  • Phone with key
  • Email

3 Indicate the content of your shipment.

4 Check the data printed on the shipping guide

  • Before leaving the shipment make sure the information is correct
Keep your purchase ticket, there you will find your Tracking Code and Guide Number to track your shipment.

Watch the following video

The Estafetados tell us how to make a shipment.