Consult the following glossary
to help you better understand our logistics and distribution terms.

Group merchandise on a pallet inside a container to be transported to a specific destination.
Charge that is transferred to the user by fuel increases on a monthly basis (gasoline, diesel, turbosine).
Number of 10 digits that you will find in your shipping guide, with which you can check the status of your shipment.
Process by which an article is protected, using the necessary materials that guarantee its conservation over time and distance.
Shipment that is received in a Estafeta location so that the final client or recipient subsequently arrives for it.
We guarantee the delivery on time of your shipments. In case of delay due to Estafeta, an equivalent service will be granted without charge. Incomplete or incorrect information (name, address, postal code, telephone, etc.) or poor packaging invalidate the delivery guarantee.
Transportation Contract that regulates the business relationship between the customer and delivery service; And in which the data of origin and destination of the shipments are registered, as well as information of the content, value and dimensions of the shipment.
Circumstance or secondary event that may occur during the course of your shipment.
It is the process of planning, implementing and controlling the efficient flow of raw materials, in-process inventories, finished products, services and related information, from its point of origin to its final point of consumption, in order to satisfy the requirements of the clients.
Platform or tray made of boards, where the load is stacked and subsequently transported. It’s primary purpose is to facilitate the grouping of fractional loads and their corresponding handling and stowage.
This is the result of multiplying the length, width, height of the shipment and the conversion factor according to the freight settlement scheme you apply.
Action to deconsolidate the merchandise, in order to select and classify one or several elements to make the enlistment of an order or dispatch.
Identification of a shipment in transit, by its satellite location.
Collect your envelopes, packages at home, with date and time previously agreed.
Deliveries to distant or hard to reach towns, to which we arrive only twice a week or less.