Compensation Process

If the report you generated is concluded for any of the following reasons, based on the agreement will proceed with the compensation.


  • Loss
  • Subtraction
  • Fortuitous event (if optional insurance was contracted)
  • Shipping mischief
  • Destruction (if optional insurance was contracted)
  • Unrecovered shipping
  • Route robbery (if the optional insurance was contracted)
*Important: If at the time of delivery, your service presents a breakdown or subtraction, you must immediately report it by generating a report in the Tracking section or at 01800 3782338.

We will send an explanatory letter to the sender upon completion of the report within 48 business hours, requesting the necessary documentation for the process.

*Important: If you contracted Optional Insurance you will need to send us all the original documents to carry out the process.

Compensation does not apply if:

  • Prohibited items.
  • Route robbery without Optional Insurance.
  • Bad packaging.

For non-insured shipments:

  • Estafeta will pay a maximum of the equivalent of 30 minimum wages valid in Mexico City. (5th clause, Service Contract).
  • The payment time is 7 working days counted from the full receipt of the documentation.

For insured shipments:

  • The value declared in invoice without VAT and less a 20% deductible by the insurer will be paid.
  • The payment time is 20 working days from the full receipt of the documentation
Note: All procedures for compensation must be made by the sender.