Compensation Process

In accordance with the service contract, the corresponding indemnification will proceed when the report generated has been concluded for any of the following reasons

  • Loss.
  • Theft.
  • Acts of God*.
  • Breakdown of the shipment.
  • Destruction.*
  • Shipment not recovered.
  • Theft in transit.*

If your shipment is damaged or stolen, you must report it to 800 3782338 within 24 working hours of receipt.

*Only if you have purchased the optional insurance.

In this case, we will send the sender an explanatory letter within 48 working hours, requesting the original documentation to begin the process whether or not the optional insurance has been contracted.

Proceso de indemnización

For uninsured shipments:

  • A maximum of up to 30 (thirty) times the Updated Measurement Unit (UMA) will be paid. (Clause 6, Service Contract).
  • Once the documentation is received, payment will be made within 7 working days.
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Proceso de indemnización

For insured shipments:

  • Payment will be made at the value declared on invoice excluding IVA, less 20% deductible.
  • Once the documentation is received, payment will be made within 20 working days.


Submit documentation

The compensation will not proceed in case of: Theft on route without optional insurance, prohibited article or bad packing.

*Important: In case of having optional insurance it will be necessary that you send us all the documents in original to carry out the procedure.
Note: All indemnification procedures must be carried out by the sender.