It is a specific day or days in which deliveries are made to populations with difficult access.
In the Next Day, Two Days and Terrestrial services the delivery schedule is open, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. The 9:30 and 11:30 services must be delivered no later than the time that the name itself indicates.
No, the system only allows these options to track a shipment.
Probably the Tracking Code is wrong. The sender has not deposited in a Estafeta location. It is not yet registered in the system.
For the control and security of the shipments, the delivery process can not be altered. If the shipment has arrived in the destination city, wait for delivery in the time that corresponds to the contracted service.
Shipments are delivered to Estafeta's offices only when the sender requested it or when the shipment could not be delivered to the recipient's address after two delivery attempts.
In accordance with our delivery process, we must deliver the shipment at the address indicated by the sender. If after two attempts the delivery could not be delivered, then the recipient can request that it be delivered to the office of Estafeta of his choice.
According to our delivery process, the next business day we will make a second attempt at delivery at your home. If it is not possible to deliver the shipment, you can pick it up at the Estafeta office that you indicate for a period of 5 business days.
Probably missing references or the numbering of the street is not consecutive or was not specified if it has to be delivered in some interior, floor, area or department.
Sometimes a demonstration provokes transit and delays the operation of a delivery route. This is probably what happened with your shipment, the delivery will take place the next business day.
The number of your street address may be doubled or the sender did not specify that it was delivered to an interior or department.
Yes, you need to receive it and verify that your content is complete; If this is not the case, you must call the same day to report this situation.
Two attempts are made at the recipient's address. If the shipment can not be delivered on the second visit, the recipient can pick it up for the next five days at the nearest office.
Verify that the zip code does not correspond to a occurs forced service; If not, request a “Speed up delivery” report on the website or at 01 800 estafeta
The sender can request it at the time of contracting the service.
The recipient can request delivery at a Estafeta location after the second delivery attempt or if his address could not be located for incorrect or incomplete information.
Yes, but wait until the system registers a delivery issue.
When your shipment has a value above 30 minimum wages, it is recommended to ensure it at the time of contracting the service.
There are several reasons why this situation may occur:
  • Shipping has not yet been made.
  • The shipment has just been delivered or picked up and has not yet entered the system.
  • The physical shipping guide had problems with the bar code and could not be read.
  • There were problems reading this shipping guide, transmitting information or updating our system.
Please follow these steps:
  1. Verify that you have the correct guide number.
  2. Verify that the person in charge of the shipment has done so.
  3. Wait 6 hours before doing new tracking.
  4. If this does not solve the problem, contact our call center or report from this website
It is a formal request to track and locate a shipment that for various reasons, has not been delivered within the warranty period.

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