Claim for breach process

If your service was not delivered in time under the warranty, we provide you a free service equal to the one you contracted (6th clause, Service Contract).

The following events are not considered as non-compliance:

  • First visit attempt and absent client.
  • Lack of data for delivery (incorrect or incomplete address).
  • Postal Codes without coverage.
  • Services delivered at Estafeta location.
  • Delay in delivery due to bad packaging.
  • Fortuitous cases not attributable to Estafeta (Road robbery, demonstrations, road closures and / or bad weather).

Claim process:

Send an email to: with the following information:

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Guide number or List of Guides (22 digits)
  • Sender's email address
  • Copy of the invoice of Estafeta where the unfulfilled guide is included

All process of non-compliance is with the sending client.

If the claim comes, the response time will be 48 to 72 business hours, in which you will be sent an explanatory letter with your courtesy shipping guide to the address you order.

The claim must be made within 20 business days after the incident occurred.