To offer courier services and logistics solutions, based on exceptional standards of quality and service, based on an extensive air and ground transportation network, a state-of-the-art technology platform and highly trained and customer-oriented employees.


Become the leading strategic partner in logistics solutions in Mexico.



Everything we propose deserves total dedication and attention to details, we put in it so much energy and enthusiasm that we infect others.



We move all the acts to the accomplishment of the expected, acting with speed and sense of urgency before important decisions. We execute with precision and excellence.



We build credibility with others and ourselves; Our strengths: adaptive power and ability to respond to the challenges operating with the highest congruence with the goal of succeeding together, creating a relationship of respect, understanding and tolerance in an environment of dialogue.


Agility / Nimbleness

We have the speed to act, make correct decisions and operate differentiating what is important from the urgent. We adapt quickly and cost-effectively to changes in the market and business, through innovation and creativity.



We care that the people closest to our lives are well, are happy and we strive to achieve it. We recognize that in the family we learn to live together in society and we encourage the integration of families with the company.



We are willing to help others when they need us with a permanent attitude of collaboration towards others.



6100 employees

4 Boeing 737 aircraft

2 Bombardier CRJ-100 aircraft

3,250 vehicles

14 air stations

57 Operational Centers

3 Exchange Centers

2 warehouses in fiscal warehouse

1 inspection room

33 strategic stores

6 warehouses for fulfillment & cross dock

32,000 m2 of space for Logistics Solutions

7 kilometers of band

110 palletized platforms

100 telescopic loading and unloading systems

More than 1000 own and concessioned offices