Estafeta Socially Responsible

Estafeta's Social Responsibility is the commitment to seek a balance between the day-to-day of the company and our ethical, economic, social and environmental performance, through actions and programs of short, medium and long term.

Estafeta Socially responsible

We have a philosophy of Social Responsibility that guide our actions in every project we carry out for the benefit of society.

Some of the work done by Estafeta in 2016:

motor and hearing impairment

35 people

with motor and hearing impairment contracted in our main places.


3004 trees

planted during 2016.

Estafeta Academic and Sociocultural Centers

6 thousand people

Ten years after its operation, 6 thousand people reached the Estafeta Academic and Sociocultural Centers (CASCE).

Distribution Estafeta Social responsability

20 thousand piggy banks

Distribution of 20,000 piggy banks to 30 states of Mexico for Un Kilo de Ayuda.

Estafeta’s Model of Socially Responsible

Actions within the company with employees and their families in order to make them feel highly motivated, productive and committed.

Commitments of the top management reflected in our values, codes and principles that promote ethical behavior, transparency and respect for the law in all operations of the company and in our relations with stakeholders.

We build long-term relationships, trust and mutual benefit with the communities in which we operate.

We seek the efficient use of natural resources to prevent, reduce or compensate the environmental impact of our operations. We carry out programs of environmental awareness with our collaborators and communities promoting respect and environmental care.