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Estafeta Socialmente Responsable

Estafeta is a company committed to sustainability, convinced that it is the way we create value in the long term and is the way to have a company committed to future generations. We are committed to seeking a balance between ethical, economic, social and environmental performance through various actions in the short, medium and long term.

This is inspired by the company's values and constant innovation to offer a different, ethical, high quality and responsible service, developing programs and actions that positively impact the communities where we operate.

42 years after our founding, we continue with the philosophy of guiding our actions for the benefit of society.

Some of our results during 2020 are:

  • More than 12 thousand employees.
  • 8 new operating centers, in order to reduce vehicle delivery and transit times.
  • National Road Safety Award, certification as a Safe Company granted by the Asociación Nacional de Transporte Privado (ANTP).
  • Ranked 15th in the "Top 100 Autotransportation" list.
  • Socially Responsible Company® award for the eighth consecutive year.
  • Éntrale Alliance for Labor Inclusion Distinction, for having the best practices and promoting the inclusion of people with disabilities.
  • National Customer Experience Award organized by the Instituto Mexicano de Teleservicios (IMT) in the categories of Best Multichannel/Omnichannel Strategy and Best In-Company Customer Experience Initiative for having enabled a multichannel contact platform.
  • Voluntary participation in Clean Transportation, granted by the Secretaría de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales (SEMARNAT).
  • 52,035 tons of recycled paper through Bio-PAPPEL's "Bosque Urbano" program.
  • 500 trees planted in the Selva Negra reserve in Jalisco, with support from Bosque Urbano Extra.
  • Half a ton of plastic caps donated to AMANC, Banco de Tapitas and Fundación Rebecca de Alba.
  • More than ten thousand people benefited through in-kind donations.
  • 2,049 shipments benefiting different foundations.
  • 35 virtual volunteer activities that represented 1,759 volunteer hours, with the support of 616 volunteers.

Estafeta's Social Responsibility Model

Our model seeks to generate sustainable development in the economic, social and environmental spheres, seeking to satisfy current business needs without compromising the resources of future generations. Each of our actions is aligned with our Social Responsibility Model divided into four areas: Our People, Our Organization, Our Planet and Our Communities.

We seek to generate efficient processes, taking care of business resources, but also natural resources and the communities with which we interact. Through our Social Responsibility Committee, made up of the company's leaders, we establish the annual strategy and analyze the results obtained.

Responsabilidad Social

In 2021 we joined the United Nations Global Compact, with the intention of strengthening our sustainability strategy and contributing to global objectives, aligning our actions in a responsible manner with the Ten Principles and adopting measures in support of the United Nations objectives currently embodied in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

At Estafeta we are aware of the responsibility we have to generate value and development in the country, our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations has been maintained since 2016, reflecting our interest in aligning ourselves with global goals inside and outside our company.


The Sustainable Development Goals are the roadmap to achieve a sustainable future for all, they relate to each other and incorporate the global challenges we face on a daily basis. In order to leave no one behind, we understand the importance of committing to these goals by 2030, aligning our strategy to them.

To learn more about how we align our actions with the Ten Principles and the Sustainable Development Goals, please see our Sustainability Report.