We send your packages and documents to USA in a fast and secure form.
What can I send?

Food export

(Bread, tortillas, mole, dried meat, dried fish and sweets)

Export of packaged products

Packaged products

Export of clothes


Export of footwear


Export of cosmetic


Export of Health & Beauty

Health & Beauty

Export of Home Appliances

Home Appliances

Export of handicrafts


Export of musical instruments

Musical instruments

Export of party supplies

Party supplies

Export of event souvenirs

Event souvenirs

And more*
*Aplican restricciones

How long does it take for my package or document?*

Documents: 3 to 5 business days
Packages: from 3 business days
IMPORTANT NOTE: To request a return, you must have the necessary documentation to import the shipment to Mexico

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Additional Charges to consider

T1-Global entry Optional, the fee applies for each copy requested. 5 USD
A1-Global entry Optional, the fee applies for each copy requested. 30 USD
Taxes and Rights

Import taxes are calculated when the goods arrive in the destination country.

** If you are a Estafeta customer you can make your payment at the point of origin, upon request.

* Applies to the recipient.

**20 USD + Cost of shipping + taxes.
Sabbatine delivery After notification or request, by event. 30 USD
Optional Insurance Request it at the beginning of the service. Deductible 20% and with a maximum coverage per 100 thousand pesos. 1.25% of the declared value of the shipment.
Fuel Charge Price varies according to the international price of fuel. Variable.
Return You must request the return of the shipment or you can be contacted in case of return. By event and according to the point of origin.
Weight or Size Excess Request the return of the shipment or you will be contacted in case of return Variable.
Address change By event, restrictions apply. 15 USD
Larger Size Package When the sum of long + circumference [(2 x width) + (2 x height)] exceeds 330 cm. Not to exceed the maximum size of 419 cm. Larger packages depend on a minimum rate of 40 kg. Check conditions.