Success Story | Dafiti
Logistical solutions


In 2011, Dafiti, a Brazilian company, was born, starting operations with a team of ten employees, innovating an online sales plan that improved the shopping experience and added a customer value, quickly penetrating the e-commerce of fashion thanks To its value proposition, Dafiti managed to offer a greater variety of footwear, clothes and accessories of the market.

With all the requirements that an e-commerce company needs, Dafiti found the need to establish a Business relationship with a Logistic Operator that could start its operation in a short period of time without jeopardizing the success of the project, in addition To offer its customers the real possibility of receiving their purchase the next day in any part of Mexico at a competitive cost.

Everything Dafiti was looking for found it in a single company, Estafeta, thus managing to capture and promote the ideas of innovation that this company had in mind.

When the CEO of Dafiti visited the website of Estafeta looking for information on the services that the company currently offers, he saw that Estafeta has a very broad portfolio of services, sending an email to the logistics solutions division stating their needs and obtained a response to schedule a meeting.

On the first visit to our facilities, Dafiti was sure that Estafeta could be a strategic partner for the success of its operation in Mexico, with a specialized team for the development and implementation of the project and an excellent response time.

With the best national distribution Estafeta Logistical Solutions offered an investment capacity, personalized attention with specialized personnel and an effective system in quality management.

In the supply chain Estafeta is committed to maintaining good service levels to achieve the satisfaction of its customers. The time and the human resource made optimum and satisfactory results.

Currently Dafiti employs approximately one thousand people, offering more than 120,000 products and 2,000 national and international brands of clothing, footwear, accessories, sporting goods, beauty products and home. At Estafeta we are proud that we are committed to promoting business, sharing a philosophy of innovation and evolution with the large e-commerce companies in Mexico.